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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1:  How much is your consultation?

A1: Our initial consultation is $75.00.  We are a busy law firm and take a limited amount of cases so we reserve the necessary time to devote to a potential client who understands and wants to make a nominal investment in their immigration case.  

Q2: What if I can't come to the office during regular business hours?

A2:  We try to accommodate potential client's busy work schedule.  We understand that you may not be able to take off from work.  We will make exceptions and make appointments in the evening or weekends provided that the initial consultation fee is paid in advance.


Q3: How much will my case cost?

A3: Every person has their own personal story and so every case is different.  We will apply the initial consultation fee to any future fees and have flexible payment plans and accept most major credit cards.



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